Water Well & Groundwater Investigations

In addition to ground water investigations, Paddock Drilling specializes in large diameter unconfined water well services for both residential, municipal and agriculture irrigation.

Our 3-man teams focus on providing our fellow Canadians with top quality service and satisfaction while installing the most technically advanced water well in the industry today. Preceding every well construction is a thorough meeting with our division head and typically a series of test holes to provide you with absolute confidence your well will produce.


 Are you a new resident to Manitoba or new to owning a private well? Here is a helpful link.


The Well Aware Booklet

If you need a well, or an assessment of your existing one, please don't hesitate to contact our office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly.


The Gus Pech bucket rig and Bratt 22 test hole rig are both truck mounted drills requiring a bit of space to manuver and safely operate. With a mast height of 37 feet, overhead lines and trees may be a concern and should be discussed during your initial meetings.


Like every construction site, there will be a bit of a mess however, Paddock utilizes a small rubber track low impact skid steer loader to move material and assist with clean-up.




Some of our capabilites are:


  • Residential water well construction
  • Large volutme irrigation water well construction
  • municipal and commercial water well construction
  • well design
  • well development
  • rehabilitation
  • dewatering
  • groundwater investigation
  • soil sampling














Through the assistance of our parent company, Paddock has access to a certified hydrogeologist for consultation and to provide further service to companies and individuals with extraordinary needs and unique situations.



How do you determine the depth of wells in our area?
We use the knowledge we have acquired and the computerized records supplied by the Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship division.


How much water do I need?
Over a 24-hour period only a fraction of a gallon per minute (GPM) is required, however at peak times it is good to have at least 5 GPM if available.


Does Paddock install the well hook-up and septic tank?
We specialize in water well drilling. Domestic well hook-ups and septic tanks should be executed by plumbing or excavation contractors.


Will we need to install a water softener?
Most well water in Manitoba is hard however the use and utilization of softened water is up to the individual.


Where should the well go on the property?
Ideally, wells should be located on higher ground away from a dwelling, but within a reasonable distance so that it is always accessible. We also recommend that wells be located as far away as reasonably possible from any septic tank or septic field. For more details please refer to the Manitoba Environment Act for regulations that may apply to your property.


Why is my well not the same depth as my neighbour's?
Wells are often the same depth in an area but not always. There is no absolute.


Will there be a big mess?
Unfortunately there is always a mess. Only the degree varies.


How long will my well last?
While there is no absolute, most wells last from 20 to 75 years.


Should water be tested?
To ensure that the well and plumbing system is safe, all new wells should be tested after the well has been hooked up and the system has been chlorinated and on a regular basis thereafter. For details on testing you can contact the local laboratory facilities and refer to the Well Aware publication.


Do you drill in winter?
Winter drilling is dependent on the weather however our core water well drilling months are between March and mid October.

For more information please feel free to contact us at 204-725-0657 and we will be happy to discuss your water needs.

Alternatively, Manitoba's Conservation and Waterstewardship website has a significant amount of useful information.